BibTeX-Entry of (C. Suen) VIMM: Runtime Integrity Measurement of a VirtualizedOperating System

@String{j-jucs = "Journal of Universal Computer Science"}

  author =     "Chun Hui Suen",
  title =      "VIMM: Runtime Integrity Measurement of a Virtualized Operating System",
  abstract =   "This paper discusses the design of the Virtualization Integrity Measurement Monitor (VIMM) framework, which aims to provide runtime integrity measurement of a virtualized guest OS. Kernel memory and additional hardware state changes are constantly monitored and aggregated into a combined guest OS state, which is reported to a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), thus providing a trusted integrity measurement in runtime. This measurement can then be used for data protection (sealing of secret keys) and remote attestation based on the runtime integrity of the guest OS.",
  journal =    j-jucs,
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